Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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PSHOW一貫的設計理念是'摩登時尚 引領潮流',是大马潮流品牌,品牌創立于2009年6月6日. PSHOW街头搞怪的设计 表达出我们的个性以及我们的风格, ‘成長’是我们一路来的态度,主要强调说‘没有成熟,只有成长‘, 我们永远会抱着学习的态度,带着我们的潮流文化一度一起成长, PSHOW不单只是一个品牌,他也算是一个信念,一个梦想,一个成长的故事.

PSHOW Consinstent designs phisolophy is all about"MODERN FASHION LEADING THE TREND",It is the trend of product in Malaysia Kores, Brand was founded in 2009 June 6.By using PSHOW's idea and personality,We produce the current Design and Trend that you could find when you are walking on the street to express our concept and our point of view. "Growth"is the way to our belief and our attitude of living,emphasized that"there's no such things in matured,there's only continous growing". We will always hold the attitude of learning with the fashion trend that is around the world along the way, PSHOW is not simply a brand,it is also an idea,a dream and a Growth Story.

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PSHOW品牌創立于2009年6月6日. PSHOW街头搞怪的设计,表达出我们的个性以及风格,,'成長'是我们的态度,主要强调说'没有成熟,只有成长'PSHOW不单只是一个品牌,他也是一个信念,一个梦想,一个成长的故事.PSHOW was official founded on 2009 June 6, The concept of design in pshow wad all about Weirdeness and Speciality. This is how we show our personality and style.Growing up is what we are seeking for, It is not about maturity.It's all about growing in life. PSHOW is not just a brand.It is also a trust,a dream and a Growth Story.